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The neuropsychological evaluation is a service offered to both children and teenagers at the Laval and Brossard offices.

Neuropsychological evaluation service

The neuropsychological evaluation is a means of identifying potential neurological difficulties such as attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity, learning difficulties (reading, spelling, mathematics) and other disorders including Tourette’s Syndrome. The evaluation process takes an average of 6 hours and provides a full cognitive profile of strengths and weaknesses along with recommendations for appropriate solutions.

The evaluation combining the quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG), the attention test (IVA) and the questionnaires is an assessment service aimed at all age groups.

The quantitative electroencephalogram and attention evaluation (QEEG-IVA) 

This assessment allows us to evaluate measures of attention in addition to identifying the neuroelectric anomalies that underlie attentional difficulties, among others. This service is available in all our clinics.

The quantitative electroencephalogram and the attention assessment (qEEG-IVA) : The cerebral recording (qEEG) can screen for anomalies in the brain using a cap that contains 19 sensors. These sensors record the electrical activity of the brain that is then compared to a normative database according to age group. Anomalies detected during this evaluation are generally associated with difficulties in terms of cognition (e.g. attention), behavior (e.g. impulsivity) and/or emotions (e.g. anxiety). 

The Integrated Visual Attention performance test (IVA) allows us to explicitly measure sustained attention (ex : listening in class for long periods of time or during a meeting) and selective attention (ex : being able to focus without getting distracted) at the auditory and visual levels. 

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