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Are you a manager, corporate executive or do you hold an important position within your company? Did you know that your cognitive abiities have already begun to decline, despite good physical and mental health? Indeed, with age, the production of certain neurotransmitters and certain hormones changes, affecting cognitive functioning.

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This often results in : 

-Decreased attention span

-Memory loss

-Difficulty with stress management

-Occupational performance decline

This program is for adults and is available in all our clinics.  It begins with a QEEG-IVA assessment. Other cognitive tests may be added depending on the intended cognitive capacities and goals of the individual. The results obtained during the evaluation determines whether or not you are a good candidate for our cognitive training program. A program is then designed and customized for each individual trained according to his or her objectives. 

Business benefits : 

-Improved performance at work

-Decreased absenteeism among key staff members

-Increased motivation at work

-Service covered by group insurance plans under the umbrella of "Psychological treatment". 

Within the world of sports and athletics, any major athlete will tell you that when it comes to performing optimally, it’s a matter of milliseconds, accurately reading the game, controlling one’s emotions and having a mind of steel. Did you know that many Olympic and professional athletes use biofeedback and neurofeedback to fast-track their success? Alexandre Bilodeau, Étienne Boulay, the Vancouver Canucks, Phillippe Aumont and many others. 

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All these people have one thing in common:

They know that in sport, at some level, most processes occur between the ears.

What are the applications of neurofeedback and biofeedback in sport?

- Better focus

- Better emotional control

- Better reading of the game

- Improved mental recovery

In collaboration with Sylvain Guimond O.D, PhD., Neurodezign offers quality customized trainings programs that meet the goals of any athlete, whether for a promising young tennis player or for a professional hockey player.

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that affects brain functioning for a certain amount of time. Most of the time it is the result of a blow to the head, face or neck. It can also be caused by an intense jolt. 

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Symptoms of a concussion

Although in some instances there is absence of noticeable symptoms accompanying a concussion, some individuals will lose consciousness and most of the time the affected person will experience at least one of the following:

- Dizziness

- Confusion

- Nausea, vomiting

- Headaches

- Sensitivity to light and/or noise

- Ringing in the ears

- Fatigue

Can we do anything to speed up the recovery process? 

The first steps towards the recovery of one’s cognitive capacities following a concussion include rest, avoiding computer and TV screens and ceasing all physical activity. However sometimes these steps are insufficient. In some instances, bone structure is displaced in the neck or back, which slows down or prevents a complete recovery. As such, a physiotherapy or specialized osteopathy consult becomes all the more important.

At Neurodezign we have been offering for nearly 5 years now a concussion training program rooted in scientific literature that combines biofeedback and neurofeedbcak training to help those sufferers for whom the initial stages of recovery prove insufficient. Our success rate varies from 80 to 100% symptom remission. 

For several years, Neurodezign has been working with several agencies to help individuals with disabilities such as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the SAAQ, the CSST and directly with insurers. The cause of disability can be both physical and/or psychological. 

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The most frequent referrals are in relation to:

- Burnout

- Major depressive disorder

- Work-related Anxiety

- Work leave due to extreme fatigue

- Traumatic Brain Injury

In most cases, our rehabilitation programs should be completed in conjunction with external psychological counseling to ensure the individual’s rehabilitation is well-rounded.  

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